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Test Equipment Leasing
Signal Test Inc. can provide a lease to accommodate your unique financial requirements. Through our programs we can reduce your monthly payments or structure the lease to match your forecasted cash flow. We will work closely with you to fully understand your requirements enabling us to present a financing proposal that meets your exact needs.

Why lease?

  • Conserves Working Capital
    • Leasing preserves your working capital by requiring only a minimum initial outlay of cash. Your working capital is retained for more productive operational uses and additional business opportunities.
  • 100% Financing
    • In most cases leasing allows you to finance an entire purchase including software, hardware, consulting, maintenance, freight installation and training costs.
  • Preserve Credit Lines
    • Leasing conserves your bank line of credit so that you are prepared for an emergency or other unexpected demand for cash.
  • Flexibility
    • Lease terms range from 24 to 84 months depending upon transaction and equipment type. A lease may be structured to meet the needs of the customer by providing tax advantages, optimizing cash flow, and flexible end of lease options.
  • Budget Constraints
    • Most leases can be structured so that payments are made with operating rather than capital funds. This can eliminate or reduce capital budget delays. Leased equipment can be purchased later if capital becomes available. A percentage of the lease payments can be credited toward the purchase of the equipment.
  • Tax Advantages
    • Operating leases are generally treated as 100% tax deductible business expenses paid from pre-tax earnings instead of after tax profits. Your tax professional should be consulted for more advice.
  • Avoid Obsolescence
    • Because flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of leasing, you never have to be faced with operating and maintaining out-of-date equipment. Leasing provides you with the ability to keep pace with technology by allowing you to easily add or upgrade to state-of-the-art equipment to meet the technological demands of your industry.
  • Pay As The Cash Flows
    • Leasing lets the equipment pay for itself. Equipment expenses are paid on a monthly basis as the equipment earns revenue.
  • Ease and Convenience
    • Applying for a lease is easy and convenient. Signal Test Inc. has no limit on the dollar amount of your transaction.
Lease rates from Signal Test Inc. are very competitive. You may even want to include more than just test equipment in the lease. The additional flexibility can help provide you with a competitive advantage.

Call today and let our leasing professionals find a package for you.
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